Hi, I'm Danny. 

I write for businesses in the SaaS, Fintech and Renewables sectors. 


I specialize in writing CRO landing pages, 

SEO long-form contentand building backlink profiles. 

Some of my clients include:

The What

The SEO marketing, backlink building, and conversion strategies I offer are data-driven and effective. 

But don't take it from me. Take it from Google. 

Go and Google "What is integrated workforce management software?"

The answer in the rich snippet box is one of mine, for a SaaS client; 



That first example is using a long-form keyword. This next one is for a more competitive short-form keyword. 


A medical client I write for, Dr. Jose Barrera, ranks number two for the competitive search term "Rhinoplasty San Antonio":

The How


I can help you achieve the same results.


Just tell me about your project, and we can start boosting your rankings, getting you more clients, and growing your profits.  

I hear you asking, Danny, how do you get these results?

Great question.

Google is an incredibly intuitive beast. Her algorithm, although complex, is designed with the simple goal of rewarding and promoting content that gives searchers what they want.

And so, I target searcher intent. 

Searcher, or "user intent", is the motive a person has for asking a search engine anything. All we need to do is figure out what your target audience is asking and why they are asking it. 

Once we know that, we give them the best, most comprehensive, most thorough answer on the internet.

When we do this, your target audience need not go anywhere else.

They stay on your page longer (thus keeping away from your competitors). Google recognises this, and over time, ranks your content higher. 

So basically, using research and data, I become your audience. Like a method actor, I know exactly who your soon-to-be clients are and what they want.

Then, with approachable content and backlinking, I help your company give your audience want they are looking for.

My engaging material also keeps your clientele on-page, and converts them into paying customers - all the while getting your website ranked higher in search engines. 

Of course, this is a nutshell answer.


There's a bit more to it - but that's the gist of it. Don't think twice about getting in touch with me if you have any queries. 

I achieve this with:

- Webpage copy

- Blogging campaigns

- Promotional articles 

- Backlink building

- eBooks 

Are you looking to effectively boost your online presence, get more traffic, establish industry authority, build e-mail lists, get more clients, and turn a larger profit?


Jolly good. I'm your man.

The Why

Never spam. Only value. Unsubscribe whenever. 

The why is straight forward.

I love writing, I love SEO, and I love getting results. 

This copywriting and SEO game keeps you on your toes.


With Google regularly updating its algorithm, an increasingly competitive market, and more rookie copywriters than ever, I gotta stay sharp. 

There's plenty of great resources out there - if you like, I can share my favourite few with you. All I need is your email address:  

On the other hand, if you're looking for some legitimate results, fill in the project form below and let's get in touch. 

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After that?
Sit back and watch your numbers skyrocket. 

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