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Backlink Building

Multiply your online traffic by getting other people's sites to link back to yours. 

Backlink building is a massively powerful way of growing your traffic, ranking higher in Google, and getting more authority. 

This all means more sales and more profit for your business (if, of course, your website is optimised for CRO). 

But it's hard. Backlink building takes relationships with other site owners, relevant material, and value exchange. But it's worth doing. 

I can help you with your backlinking needs. But first, allow me to reiterate the importance of backlinks with an infographic.

my-visual_48153319 (5).png






If you got through that (congratulations if you did, there's a lot to take on board there), you'll see that backlinking is a really good way to grow your Google rank and get more traffic. 

Now, getting those backlinks is not easy. But I can do it. 

Get Your Backlinks With HARO

I use HARO to get you backlinks.


By ghostwriting on your behalf, I reply to hundreds of HARO queries each month to ensure you hit your backlink goals.   

With a 5:1 success rate, I only charge for backlinks that are dofollow, once they go live.   


That means if I send out 50 pitches on your behalf, and none get accepted, you won't pay a penny.  

But that won't happen. 

You decide how many backlinks a month you want, and I'll pitch accordingly. 

Once I secure you your backlinks, I'll charge you according to the domain rating of the site where the backlink is. 

This is a very brief explanation of how I get you backlinks.


If you're looking to grow your backlink profile and boost your traffic, please get in touch, and I'll explain my process in greater detail through a discovery call.

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