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The following content has helped my clients increase their industry authority, grow organic traffic, build e-mail lists, and get more paying customers.


Some of my clients have included: 




The only thing that pays off as a freelancer is hard graft. That, and some luck.


Although, someone once told me (on a bus in Cambodia actually) "There is no such thing as luck; luck is the intersection between proper preparation and an opportunity". 


So, with persistent hard work, preparation and opportunity, I've written for some incredible companies.  


Gameplan: SEO optimised B2B SaaS blog posts 

I work with Gameplan's team to design and write their blogging campaign.

A B2B SaaS company, we needed to tell users what Gameplan offered. We then needed to highlight software features that make their client's day easier. Finally, these articles needed to target user intent, be SEO optimised and show how the software is useful in the changing modern market-place.      


Leon Jacken, Gamplan's Marketing Manager, had this to say about working with me:

"Danny is awesome to work with - very responsive, flexible and proactive! He not only writes great blog articles but also has great SEO knowledge. He quickly got to know our industry and wrote expert content. Thus, he was very helpful in co-shaping our long-term content marketing strategy and tackling the right keywords.” 

Gravitricity: Guest posting and promotional articles 

Gravitricity offers a revolutionary energy-storage method. We work together to establish their reputation and name by writing articles in respected industry publications.  

Dan McCue, editor at Renewable Energy Magazine, had this to say about working with me:

"Everything was great. Danny writes engaging, informative material and submits it before the deadline. I know I can trust him to deliver."

Action Threat: B2C cybersecurity landing page, website, and blog articles

I worked closely with the web developers and content managers at Action Threat to build their landing page and blog campaign. 

Celedonio Albarran, a co-founder at Action Threat, had this to say about working with me:

"It was great working with Danny. He makes sure to understand your requirements and your business goals, and then translates those into content that help drive conversions. His technology knowledge was a great fit for us. Danny helped us convey our message in an efficient and effective way. We look forward to keeping working with Danny in the future."

SR4 Partners: Webpage copy and branding tone

I worked with other established copywriters and the sr4 team to really personalise their branding tone. 

(And just for fun) The Inertia: Journalistic style passion-pieces


It's not always hard work though. Sometimes I get the chance to meet some incredible people and help tell their stories.    


Taka's mother, Yuriko, was thrilled with the article:

"We're so glad to have Taka's name next to the greats like Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater! Thanks to Danny's article, we have a company interested in sponsoring Taka." 




Tell me about your project.


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